Qualification Summary

  • Over the years I have taken pride in knowing that I do the best work I possibly can, and that I finish on time. I have been taught well by my father how to do many trades, such as car detailing and stone wall building. Those two skills help me with my photography because I know how to compose my pictures using my skills at composing stonewalls. In addition, my skills in detailing cars allows me see every detail and make sure my final photograph is composed well and all the details are in focus.


City Shine 2007-Present

  • With the help of my father I started my own business of detailing cars.
  • I have meticulously been detailing fine automobiles since 2007, and have had only happy customers.
  • I have learned how to make Audi’s, BMW’s, Range Rover’s, and Mercedes shine as if they were brand new, restoring the paint and interior and exterior to perfect condition.

Landscaping 2010-Present

  • Due to the lack of available jobs in my community, I found another way to make my way. I sent out fliers around my neighborhood advertising my skills and my strengths.
  • I worked for many of my neighbors and was referred to many other people around my town. I made sure my landscaping work was done to the exact quality as my car detailing work was done.

Glastonbury High School 2006-2010

  • I graduated Glastonbury High School with honors, having worked hard throughout my high school career. I was on the soccer team as a freshman, and worked as the Sound Manager for the Winter Play during my senior year. Throughout all four years I was part of the Interact Club, which did many community service projects throughout my town.

Eastern Connecticut State University Fall 2010-Present

  • I started at Eastern in the fall of 2010 as a freshman. I have been working hard to attain my goal of passing the semesters here at Eastern on the Dean’s List.


  • For over seven years now I have been playing guitar, and music has become a passion of mine. I have studied music theory both in my High School and during private guitar lessons. Over the past two years, I have started taking pictures of everything, since then, photography has become my main focus. I love taking pictures of our world, whether it be the landscapes that carve out our National Parks, or the small made objects that sport unsurpassed detail when viewed up close.

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