FYR Blog Posts

Blog #1

These past two weeks I went to the two movies that were showed by C.A.B. The two movies I saw were Toy Story 3 and Grown Up’s.  Both were great. Toy Story 3 brought up mixed emotions. Suspense, fear, sadness, and happiness rolled around inside me. It was a heart-wrenching tale of a few not-so-inanimate objects that were in over their heads and just wanted to get home. I walked over with all of my roommates, and on the way back we talked about our favorite parts of the movie.

Grown Up’s brought on a whole different perspective. This was obviously a comedy, and we knew that from the start. With actors like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and David Spade I knew it was going to keep me laughing the whole time. I was enthusiastically content with the laugh out loud funniness of the entire movie.

Both movies are future recommendations to my friend. From now on I will be attending all C.A.B. movie nights, and I recommend so for anyone who has nothing to do on Tuesday night.

Blog #2

This past weekend I attended Family day with both of my parents. I went home the day before because everyone in my dorm room had left. We arrive at the campus at 12:15 and we lug some things into my room. After getting some food, we sit down and start to eat. We talk to the people at our table while we eat, and see some families we know from my high school. We walk around from booth to booth, letting my dad scout ahead and report as to what the booths entail. After getting our picture taken and put on a water bottle we go into the bookstore. I have wanted an Eastern sweatshirt ever since I arrived at the school, but had not the chance to get one. Finally, I had my parents buy me a red sweatshirt. We left the bookstore and traveled over to the girl’s soccer game, where we made an amazing comeback to win the game.

Blog #3

On Wednesday Dec. 1st, I went to the University Hour from Three PM. to Four P.M. It was a talk about A.I.D.S. on World A.I.D.S. Day. Some Guest Speakers came and talked about their experience with A.I.D.S. There were some local non-profit organizations in attendance that asked the speakers some questions. Each speaker had plenty to say about A.I.D.S. and their personal stories, as well as how they got into the organizations they are in. They talked about volunteer help and how to avoid A.I.D.S. I went with my roommate Zach because he needed to go to it for FYR also. I had to leave early, because I had a class at four, but I learned a lot about A.I.D.S. and how it affects people’s lives.

Blog #4

In my Photography Class we have been working on our midterm portfolios. For the past three days I have been in the dark room and Photography lab developing and printing photos. Luckily there is nobody here because we still have a week before midterms are due. I have to decide what print is my favorite, because by the tie finals roll around I need to have my favorite print of the semester framed, so it can be hung in the Photography Exhibit in the Communications building. Sometimes when I get out of the darkroom after being there for about two hours it is hard to see. The light is so bright and blinding sometimes it hurts, but I love being in there so it’s all worth it.

Blog #5

This past weekend, on Oct. 28th something amazing happened to me. My parents came to pick me up to go home for the weekend, and my girlfriend was there. See my girlfriend goes to Calvin College in Michigan, so I haven’t seen her for over two months. It’s been hard, and I am still struggling with her being gone. This past weekend was exactly what I needed. The fact that she was just there made is seem like she wasn’t that far away and that I could just see her if I really wanted to. When we got back to my house, it was if she weren’t even gone. Everything was the same, we did the same things we loved, we enjoyed taking pictures, eating good food and spending time with each other. It was the most amazing weekend I’ve had since god-knows-when.

Blog #6

So this past week was my first Thanksgiving Break from college. It was exactly what I needed. After three straight months of papers and projects I was going to take this long deserved break by the horns. I got home on Tuesday night, smelling the cold and festive air. The next morning I picked up Kathleen from the airport, and made NBC news with our embrace. As I drove her back, we talked about our lives apart, how we liked school and what our plans were for next year. From then on the break went exactly as I hoped. A great huge turkey, family, friends, Kathleen and photography, that was all I needed for Thanksgiving Break and that’s exactly what I got. I have to say, I look forward to all breaks from college from now on.

Blog #7

So next week is finals week. I have three finals, ending on Wednesday so I don’t have to do too much studying. My hardest final will be my Fiction final, where I’m sure ill have to write a few essays for. Photography and Math are my other finals, so I will just look over my notes on the dates of photography inventions and write down all the mathematical formulas on a note card. Over this weekend I am going to Vermont to go skiing, and hang out with some friends, so studying won’t really happen. I can’t wait to go skiing this weekend; winter is easily my favorite time of the year, because I get to ski, because of the snow and the festivities of the holidays. Only one week till I get to go home for break. Till I get to ski and enjoy friends, my family and myself for a whole month.


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