FYR 174 Resource, Research and Response

This is a required class that all freshmen take. It basically introduces you to the campus, and makes you go out around the campus and become involved with activities and event that the school hosts. Its a good idea, as I believe that otherwise I would not have been as involved with the campus as I am now.

I reside in Mead Hall, and as a freshman, being in a suite limits the amount of times I spend outside my room. For example, I do not need to walk down the hall to brush my teeth or shower, therefore I meet less people. Also, we have a microwave, so socialization in Mead is at a low. Because of my FYR class I had to venture out of my room, attend events and meet new people. I know at the time of the class I did not enjoy the 15 minute walk across campus at 9 o’clock in the morning, but in hindsight I believe that the class was very beneficial to my life on campus.

Along with learning to attend school events and partake in clubs, I also learned how to create a basic WordPress website, which helped as the basics when I learned how to create a more complex website in my Photography 1 class.

Overall, I  believe that my FYR class was more of a class to introduce me to campus life, and how to properly utilize all the campus has to offer, from university hours to concerts to basketball games.

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