Com 310-Digital Photography

In this class we use software such as photoshop and dreamweaver to create websites and edit images. We learn techniques on the computer to manipulate images to please the eye and make the images more beautiful.

After taking the class I now know how to create websites using Dreamweaver and I know how to include pictures as well as links to outside pages on the site. Also I know how to make stop action animations in Photoshop and how to do beauty retouching. It was a good introduction to web design.

Focus is on venues for publication in mass media communication including photojournalism and marketing. Camera fundamentals, concepts of exposure and camera operation are reviewed. Lecture/lab topics include image protocols and techniques for photo display and editing with CS4. Retouching techniques and photomontage are introduced along with ethical issues regarding image manipulation and the ownership protections of copyright laws. Students compile digital portfolios of their lab work for display in Powerpoint and a web portfolio. Labs include instruction for use of ECSU student accounts to store and serve student ePortfolio content.

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