This weeks Glastonbury Citizen

One of my images has been published in this weeks Glastonbury Citizen. For those who are looking at the site because of that, thank you for your interest in my work. Just so you know, I am available for hire for individual photography shoots, or if you see an image you like, just email me at Tell me the title of the image, and I can give you a price it will be professionally printed on archival quality paper and matted, all ready to hang on a wall. And as always check back for more images, as I update the website daily.

Thank you,

Matthew Cosma

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Come see my work in person. Only at Guitarra In Glastonbury

If you live in central Connecticut and wish to see my work showcased, go no further to Guitarra, a private guitar lesson studio in Glastonbury, CT. I have had the pleasure of taking lessons by renowned guitarist Greg Pearce. His studio is at 3011 Main St. in Glastonbury, CT, and it is well worth the visit to his studio. Not only will you get the chance to view some of my work in person, you might even be able to realize your dream of learning how to play the guitar.

Also, on February 4th, Greg hired me to take some photographs of him during one of his concerts. Those images are under the Photography drop-down and called Concert Photography. Be sure to check them out.

Lastly, one of my images is set to be printed in the Glastonbury Citizen. I have not been told what issue it will be printed in, but I will let you know as soon as I do. Expect more updates soon.

Thank you,

Matthew Cosma

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Hi everyone,

I just updated the site, and put a few new pages in.

I am now available for hire. If you are looking for a great photographic product at an excellent price, and want your vision to become a reality look at my Contact Me page, About page and some of my images and hopefully you will be interested in hiring me for all your photographic needs.

Follow my 365 Days Project, it has its own drop-down menu, so just follow the link and follow me as I embark on my new project.

Under the Academic Portfolio drop-down, I added a page called College Portfolio. This is the portfolio I used when applying to the UCONN Fine Arts Program this January. I have not heard back yet, but follow me and see what they say.

And lastly, under the Photography drop-down, I have added a page called Portrait Photography. These are just a few portraits that I have taken in the last few months.

Feel free to browse, and I hope you enjoy the updates.

-Matthew Cosma

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